What Else Does The CPA Offer?

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Combined CPA Convocations

Taking the message of Jesus to jobs, family members and community is what is needful. Change is not the result of legislated laws. It is living life in obedience to scripture. Now it is our time to tell everyone that Jesus saved our lives from destruction. If we want to see family and friends, co-workers and neighbors saved, we must tell them that God saved us. We must be the change we want to see in others. How? Tell them your testimony of God’s saving power and watch God do the rest.

License /Ordination Services

Setting apart those who have been called to ministry service is the highlight of Convocation. After the completion of certain ministerial requirements, candidates are publically acknowledged in the licensing and ordination service.

Leadership Conferences

The call of the five-fold ministry is to equip the saints to do the work of the ministry. In CPA leadership conferences, each attendee fosters relationships with others and grow in knowledge and wisdom of the scriptures.

Marriage Conferences

The core of God’s plan to fill the earth involves building family relationships. As biblical marriage (between a man and woman) is under attack, the CPA seeks opportunities to reinforce marital relationships in annual Marital Conferences.

Pastors & Wives Retreats

These retreats foster opportunities to strengthen relationships between pastors and their spouses. Because pastors are under such scrutiny to live publicly, they are more prone to criticism and ridicule. Retreats are designed to restore love and vision.

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