Phenomenal Women

May 1, 2020Phenomenal Women0 comments

Women are phenomenal. Somewhere in our job description the small print says, nurturer and encourager, the giver of self and dryer of tears. Regardless of what we personally encounter, we are the helpmeets of our husbands and mommas to our children. 

Being wonderfully made we lose sight of our personal ambition. We take on countless things which clamor for the attention of our husbands and rob them of much needed sleep. Many times, we divert our attention from personal needs to sacrifice for a higher calling in ministry alongside our spouse. We invest talent and gifts, giving and resources and cover our husbands with prayer. We stand unified as we strive to be in one accord, especially when no one else is looking.

As pastor wives, we embrace and serve the plan of God and model Christ before our husbands, family, and congregation. We covet to pray and support the vision that God has given us as co-laborers in the faith. We are a force to be reckoned with when adversity rises against our marriage. We find contentment as we stand with our husbands and serve the ministry.  

Thank God for the unique cadre of like-minded women who strive to protect and undergird the heart of their husbands. Because we know what few other women know, we guard his secrets and shortcomings. We know what it takes to grow together with our husbands, serve our families and serve as role models in the congregation. We are Pastor Wives, chosen by God to serve and support the leader of the flock. It is a phenomenal calling to which we rise and declare, “we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us”. (Phil 4:13)

Darlene Lucas

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