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Friendship, Fellowship, Relationship

Thursday 9–11am


Greater Bethlehem Christian Assembly

360 Ivy Home Rd

Hampron, Virginia 23669

The CPA Pastors Prayer and Fellowship is open to like-minded pastors and ministers who yearn for spiritual covering and ministry, ecclesiastical training, mentorship, and assistance in the advancement and promotion of ministries and non-profit outreaches. It is a non-denominational association of pastors, elders, and ordained clergy who desire a greater context for ministry.

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On Thursday mornings area pastors assemble for a time of prayer, relationship building, fellowship and friendship. This time is set aside for pastors to regularly study the word of God, establish personal and corporate prayer relationships, and develop collaborative efforts which promote church growth and aid in the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

The CPA is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501c(3) charitable organization. All donations are tax-exempt. Your donations help us to support the National Day of Prayer, Haiti Missions Incorporated, Operation Breaking-Through, and many other charitable organizations at home and abroad.

Why Weekly Meetings?

Studying and engagement in the word of God on a regular basis creates a demonstrated approach which enables fellowship and relationship among area pastors. The CPA, through an ongoing dialogue with area clergy seeks to further communications, collaboration and coordination which extend beyond former ministry contextualization barriers.  The hope of the CPA is to formulate strategies with other clergy leaders to reach our world with the gospel. In other words, we are better, together. That is what covenant is all about.

History Of CPA

Rev. Dr.Lawrence Lewis

Rev. Dr.Lawrence Lewis

Bishop & CPA Founder

The CPA was founded by the late Bishop Dr. Lawrence Lewis in 2004 after recognizing the need for fellowship and relationship building among area pastors. Over the years Pastor  Lewis garnered a reputation as a father in the ministry and counselor to many local pastors who desired personal ministry from a seasoned pastor. As the result of  serving as a counselor to pastors, clergy and their wives for many years, Pastor Lewis was ordained Bishop Lewis in 2004 with several local pastors submitting their leadership to his ministerial covering. As the result, the Covenant Pastors Association was founded.

The Covenant Pastors Association (CPA) is made of like-minded pastors and ministers from various churches and ministries throughout the Hampton Roads region and as far as Petersburg, Virginia.  The CPA serves as a ministry of encouragement, training and empowerment for area pastors and ministers. Under Bishop Lewis guidance, the CPA hosted several church leadership conferences and seminars to meet the needs of member churches and leaders.

Upon the retirement of Bishop Lewis in 2009, the Covenant Pastors Association voted Pastor Dr. Phillip E. Lucas, armor-bearer and confidant to Bishop Lewis as the new president of the CPA. Under the leadership of Dr. Lucas the Covenant Pastors Association was reorganized to include 1st Vice-President, Pastor Willis Boyd and 2nd Vice President, Pastor Kenneth McDade, Treasurer, Pastor Emeritus Raymond Johnson Sr. and Administrator, Pastor Anthony Proctor to the CPA Executive Board.

The Covenant Pastors Association began hosting the annual Convocation Ceremony in 2009 and became the licensing organization for area ministers and pastors who are members of the association.  Prior to licensing and ordination, the CPA Presbytery comprised of the Executive Pastoral Board, is convened upon request of the local pastor for candidates seeking to be  licensed or ordained.  CPA license renewal occurs every two years at Convocation.

Other CPA outreach ministries include the Annual Leadership Conference, Joint CPA Memorial Day Picnic at Newport News Park, Pastors Quarterly Fellowship and the Pastor’s Retreat. Additionally, the Covenant Pastors Association, under the leadership of Pastor Neverette Yarbrough, is a co-founder of the National Day of Prayer on the peninsula, which has become the largest prayer gathering in Virginia.

Under the leadership of CPA Missions Coordinator, Minister Vasco Boyd, the Covenant Pastors Association supports foreign missions in Haiti. CPA support has financed church construction, pastoral support, and provided educational tuition scholarships for  Haitian children who otherwise would not have the opportunity to receive an education.  Subsequently, CPA churches support CPA members, Evangelist Newberry and Linda Hearne, who serve as missionaries from South Africa with speaking engagements and finances to help fund their bi-annual mission trips to South Africa and England.  Also with CPA members, Pastor Abraham and Ruth Pabon, CPA ministry to Hispanics and Youth Challenge has  occurred. Additionally, CPA members, Pastor Gary and Alice Gray provide intense financial counseling and training to covenant churches, while Pastor James Mayo lends his prophetic ear to help steer the weekly pastoral discussions during meetings and fellowships to the heart of God.

The Covenant Pastors Association has the ability to forge relationships with other pastoral associations, regardless of denominational affiliation in the name of Jesus. Together we promote  an effort to see healing in the Body of Christ.

Our Mission & Vision

Our vision and mission is to help connect people to faith

We are a covenant group of pastors who serve God, minister to people, and evangelize the community through coordinated efforts to make Jesus known. We exist to promote balance in the lives of pastors by fostering opportunities for personal prayer and Bible Study, prioriting and promoting alone time for marriage, social life and family relations, and by embracing opportunities for church growth and significance through awareness of God’s calling and spiritual gifting of the pastoral office to the local ministry and Body of Christ. We covenant in faith to make Jesus known to the world.

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The Lord Will Fight You

Dr. Phil Lucas 


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